«Immigration, Gender, and Psychosocial Adjustment» by Professor L.Remennick


Who adjusted better to life in Israel, men or women immigrants? This study  assesses and compares the occupational,  social,  and  personal/psychological aspects of adjustment to life in Israel among men and women who immigrated from the former Soviet Union after 1990. 

Men were doing better in the economic/occupational domain, whereas women were more active in the social domain (e.g., building their personal networks, exploring new lifestyles). Both men and women had experienced occupational downgrading in Israel, but more women worked in physically-demanding jobs such as geriatric nursing and cleaning.Women suffered a more dramatic occupational downgrading than men, as well as lower job security and under/unemployment. Yet, they showed more flexibility and tolerance of their new work roles. No tangible gender differences have been found in the general indicators of psycho-social well-being and overall satisfaction with life in Israel. 

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