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Liga — coalition of Russian speaking activists that seek to promote values of feminism, inclusion, equality and economic justice among Russian speaking women in Israel. Liga aims to give a voice to  problems and challenges facing Russian speaking women, promote social change in the status of these women in Israel. Liga strives to strengthen and widen the core of Russian speaking women activists inside Israel, as well as to establish cooperation with other feminists in Israel, not belonging to the Russian speaking community.

Liga members conduct lectures, workshops and discussions with Russian speaking women, covering issues of feminism and socio economic justice in Russian speaking mass media. The workshops, media interviews and articles provide a general perspective on the economy, gender and immigration. Covering the issues of gender and socio-economic equality in Russian speaking mass media expose these ideas to a large number of listeners — according to surveys Russian speaking radio is  listened to by more than 60% of Russian speaking citizens of Israel (that is — approx. 600.000 people).

We believe that exposure to ideas of feminism, socio-economic justice, inclusion and equality  through discussion of real-world-problems faced by the women themselves would open up different perspectives, create awareness, encourage solidarity and action. Providing women with practical tools for successful social activism and organizing, as well as models of feminist policies in other countries, prompt them to be more politically and socially active.

In our public and mass media appearances we aim to focus on issues faced by Russian speaking women, related to underemployment, harassment, and stigmatization;  to provide information about their rights, unions, and professional counselling; to present women with a wider perspective on the economy, immigration, and gender; to offer alternative models of state and economy, based on principles of social justice, welfare and inclusion; to encourage social activism and civil action.

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